USA Mobile Bingo

Once you’re established with your favorite US bingo website, the chances are you’ll want to access your online bingo wherever you go.  So should you be on the lookout for an online bingo site for US players which also offers a mobile gaming option?  Well, like anything there are advantages and disadvantages …

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bingo apps

bingo apps

Bingo on mobile play plus:

  • Being able to play bingo wherever you go, particularly if you’re stuck with a long train or bus commute each day, is a great plus.
  • If you like to be outdoors in your free time and would like to take your bingo with you, then being out at the park for a relaxing picnic shouldn’t stop you playing if you’re signed up to mobile play.
  • With many players using the chat facility of online bingo as a way to keep in touch, playing via mobile devices means you can still stay in touch as well as play games, wherever you are.

The minus points of bingo on the go:

  • Your mobile technology needs to be up to the speed of the game, otherwise playing the mobile way can be pretty unsatisfactory and possibly even frustrating, if you think you’re still at 1TG but actually the game finished 3 minutes ago!
  • Similarly, can you be sure of staying connected wherever you go?
  • Payment methods can be a little hit and miss.  Although some online bingo sites might have mobile versions, when it comes to making a deposit many still require players to sign into the main site via PC or laptop … which can be frustrating if you’re playing on your mobile device because you’re nowhere near these facilities!

How are the big brands helping?

Many of the online bingo brands are well aware of how much mobile play enhances their players’ experiences, so much so that they offer additional attractions and assurances to get their players going mobile for bingo play:

  • Even if you’ve already had sign-up bonuses for your favorite site, it’s possible to gain extra bonus bingo money for signing up to the mobile version as many bingo brands offer this as an extra to their regular players.
  • By extending funding options.  More and more brands are moving into alternative methods of funding to allow their players greater transactional options for mobile play.  For example, more online bingo sites for USA players are now considering offering Bingo With PayPal as an additional option because it offers its own mobile app for devices such as:
    • i products, including iPhone and iPad
    • Android
    • Blackberry and Nokia Smartphones
    • The technology available offers players assurances that even if your connection fails during the play, if yours is the winning card then the jackpot goes to your account, no questions!

Really it seems that as connectivity becomes a wherever-you-go utility in contemporary society, so those games and fun activities we enjoy will move swiftly onto mobile platforms so that they come along with us, bringing even more lovely bingo options with them!

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