Privacy Policy

Part of the attraction of online bingo is that you can play in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so at WebBingo.USA we take matters of privacy very seriously.  If you need to contact us at all, we will only use the email address you provide to respond to you – we will not violate your privacy by selling or passing on your email address.

Like all websites though, our site does use cookies to track visitor information.  This information is helpful to us in building our site and making sure we are bringing you the latest news on topics that you, our readers, are most interested in.  So, for example, if cookie tracking tells us that our visitors are spending more time on our No Deposit Play pages, then this tells us that are players are really looking for what’s available in no deposit online bingo, so we can make sure that this is kept up to date and relevant for you.

Cookies also inform us about the geographical location of our visitors which again helps us to keep you informed, with state-relevant information about the online bingo industry.  You have our assurance that this information is used to benefit our development of the site and is not shared or used promotionally in any way.

Of course, Web Bingo USA does carry links to take you easily to USA websites that you might want to check out.  Each of these sites will have their own cookies and should have their own privacy policy published on their site – in fact, we only work with sites which are fully regulated and have a fully declared privacy policy of their own.  So, once you get there (and especially if you decide to register with them) we recommend that you check out their privacy and security policies too.

Finally, although we’re busy with all things to do with bingo online, we also know what’s important about player protection so we work hard to keep our privacy policy up to date with required standards.  As such, we may have to adapt our privacy policy from time to time in accordance with any statutory regulation changes, so do please pop back here and check anytime or contact us if there is something you’d like more clarification on.

We’re always happy to help on this, or any other related issues … just ask!

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