PayPal Bingo

Could PayPal bingo be coming to the USA?  PayPal is already a popular method in the USA for online purchases via Ebay, and Wal-Mart, but what many US online bingo players don’t realise is that PayPal is also one of the most popular methods of deposit and withdrawal transactions in UK online bingo play.

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So why is Paypal a popular option in the world of online bingo?

  • It’s easy and convenient: if you’re in the middle of playing and need to top-up funds, there’s none of the hassle of having to find your cash card or credit card.
  • For those very reasons above, PayPal payment methods are particularly useful for mobile play as only needing to log into PayPal each time means you don’t have to put bank details in every time – ideal if you’re travelling or out and about.
  • Any transactions don’t show up on your usual bank or credit card statements for what they are but will usually show up as a PayPal transaction only.  This is already proving popular in the UK as recent changes to mortgage applications means that bank statements can be scrutinized and “lifestyle” questions asked.  For the occasional bingo player particularly, PayPal can be seen as a great, discreet option for not having to justify how you spend your fun money!
  • PayPal works with a whole range of international currencies, including US dollars.

What’s the difference between either side of “the pond”?

In the UK, where online bingo is a huge industry, a site which doesn’t take PayPal is starting to be the exception.  However, in the USA finding an online bingo site which does use PayPal is a little harder although as the popularity for online bingo in the USA spreads, more bingo brands aimed at US bingo players are starting to realize that offering PayPal as a payment method can be a unique selling point which could make players happy and add convenience to the advantages offered by their sites!

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Sounds ideal … how can I find a PayPal bingo site for US players?

  • When you visit a new US bingo site, a quick scroll to the bottom of the home page should show the logos of the payment methods used.
  • Check out UK and Canadian sites which welcome US players.

Finally, what if the bingo site for USA players that you prefer doesn’t take PayPal?  Then the closest alternatives for offering the convenience of PayPal payments are Neteller and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), which are already quite widely available across the US online bingo industry, both of which are worth checking out as a great alternative!

** For your extra information, it’s worth being aware that some PayPal transactions trigger reports from sellers to the Inland Revenue Service.  However, it’s not clear how much this impacts on the online bingo industry in the USA because offering PayPal as a transactional method isn’t as popular yet as in the UK, where such transactions are not reported by PayPal.

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