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Whilst online bingo developers from other USA states are still petitioning for the game to be legalized, Nevada is of course way ahead of the game.  With Las Vegas being internationally recognized by most of us as the casino capital city of the world, gambling in all forms is legal – including online bingo!

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This not only means USA bingo players can access web based bingo which is fully licensed from within the state, but they can also use the many off-shore online bingo website which welcome players from the US.  The legal stipulation is that, unlike some places where 18 is the legal age, players from Nevada must be at least 21 to legally access what the legislation terms as ‘interactive gaming’.

But hidden within all the legal-speak of the legislation which was updated by an Assembly Bill (114) to help regulate the industry and make gambling winnings taxable, are a few sentences which mean that there is still something of a theoretical risk of criminal punishment as a result of online gambling in Nevada.  However, to date this has not been enforced at all at the player-end of the websites and no arrests have been noted, despite the fact that it’s almost two years since Assembly Bill 114 was passed, all of which is great news for American players.

So, do you want free bingo games whilst you experience playing bingo in Nevada?

At WebBingo.US we’ve had a bit of a search around for you, to find some of  the best websites out there which currently offer those free no deposit bingo games which allow you to find out more about the sites and enjoy the games without risking your hard earned dollars!  So, if you’re looking for a little freebie fun, you might want to check out:

  • New Bingo Billy:  A USA player-friendly site, NewBingoBilly is also one of those great sites which offers free play.  At the time of writing, New Billy Bingo’s standing out from the free bingo crowd with a massive $80 worth of free money to try out their games!
  • Bingo Sky:  Next up it’s Bingo Sky, which not only welcomes USA players and accepts US dollars, it also currently offers $50 no-deposit bingo for new players and great deposit bonuses for players who do decide to fund their account. Play Bingo Sky NOW!!
  • Bingo Hall: Styled like those traditional bingo halls, this site prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and currently offers $25 cash simply for registering, which allows you to investigate that community experience and the quality of the games with no commitment.
  • Bingo For Money:  Yes, a site which lives up to its name, BingoForMoney offers cash prizes as well as $25 gratis bingo funds when you register.
  • Bingo Fest: ‘Fest are a well established and trusted USA bingo website.  Currently they are very popular both for their great games and their bonuses for new bingo players. Play NOW!!

Of course, although these sites have great reputations, you should always remember that signing up for a membership online is just like anything else – check the terms and conditions first, especially to find out what the requirements are for playing with that bingo money.  After all, you’ll want to know all about how to access any cash you might win during your Nevada online bingo experience!

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