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As far as gambling in USA states is concerned, New Jersey players of all kinds of games, from cards to casinos have always been quite lucky as legislation has been in place for many years which makes gambling legal in New Jersey.

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Yes of course there are some restrictions, but Governor Chris Christie’s signature on the 2013 bill legalizing internet gambling made the state of New Jersey the third USA state to make this move so now, like just like Nevada residents, New Jersey bingo players won’t necessarily be restricted to playing those off-shore based European sites which accept USA players.  Instead, software developers and online entrepreneurs will be able to set up their own state-run sites, so long as these are in line with regulations and are overseen by the Atlantic City casino establishment.  Of course, it might take some time yet before we start seeing some of these home-grown sites and are able to pass on the gossip about them here at Web Bingo USA, but the potential is there!

So, will the New Jersey options be the same as Nevada’s?  In reality, New Jersey’s the place for the online bingo boom, purely and ironically because of a numbers game!  Whilst Nevada’s set age for any form of gambling is 21, in New Jersey at the age of 18 it’s legal to play bingo (as well as the lottery and to bet on dogs or horses).  For play in casinos and poker games (online or in establishments) the legal age is 21.  So, with a three year head-start on getting to grips with the fun and excitement of online bingo, younger New Jersey residents are creating a bingo boom!

So, where should you play?

As with any boom, there will be takers and fakers muscling in on the action in the hope of a quick buck.  So, if you’re looking for New Jersey bingo, so you can arrange virtual “meet” as well as enjoy a new source of fun, we’d recommend that you:

  • Only play at reputable sites which have been established for significant time.  Many of the reputable and fully regulated off-shore based sites are still your best bet, literally, whilst NJ specific-sites are being developed.
  • Check out some of the USA bingo websites which are already established and fully regulated.
  • Always check the terms and conditions of the sites and look at any reviews, so you can make an informed decision before passing on any of your details (and definitely before passing on any cash).
  • Check out no deposit online bingo sites first, so that you can ‘try before you buy’.  Using the site’s own free money and playing a few free games is the best way to really find out how player-friendly the games are and how user-friendly the financials and T & Cs of individual websites are.

Finally, remember that here at WebBingo.USA we’ve got your back.  If you’re looking for somewhere different or want to gain your first online bingo experience, come visit with us for the latest news and links to new bingo sites which welcome players from the USA.

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