USA Bingo – New Bingo Sites

New kids on the US bingo block are coming thick and fast as online bingo takes the US by storm, with new bingo sites for the USA now coming online with some regularity!  However, it can still be quite hard to find a reliable bingo site which not only welcomes US players but also tries to remove some of the hassle of depositing and withdrawing bingo booty!

So what should you look for from a new bingo site?

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No-deposit play

No deposit play is the surest way to enjoy a bit of free bingo as well as to check out (cost free) whether an online bingo site aimed at USA players really is US-player friendly!  It’s also the ideal way to find out if the site really delivers what it states in its promotional materials!

Range of payment methods

It has long been the case that credit and debit card options or cash transfers are the main payment methods accepted by US-player friendly bingo sites.  The most popular methods around are:

  • Most major credit card brands, for example Bingo Palace and Big Time Bingo
  • Visa and Mastercard as the only methods for many sites, such as Bingo Sky and Cyber Bingo.
  • Cash transfer options, including Western Union, or Money gram, for example Bingo Fest.
  • Neteller online transfers, particularly some of the newer sites such as New Billy Bingo.

However, with the extra growth in the online bingo industry across the USA, bingo brands are starting to include additional payment and withdrawal methods as a means to stand out from the online bingo crowd, such as by offering the convenience of PayPal Bingo, Neteller and Skrill.

The range of game costs

For many players, having access to a range of ticket prices is as important as the style and variety of the games themselves.   From free bingo and penny bingo to big ticket coverall games with larger ticket prices and of course larger jackpots and progressive jackpots, checking out whether a new bingo site offers a variety of options to suit any bingo budget is a great way to know if you’re going to be welcome to join in the fun even if your bingo budget is a bit on the frugal side occasionally!

Side attractions

Most online bingo players also enjoy having a little slot play on the side or in between those big games.  A new site which really wants to make its mark and attract new players should at least have a small offering of side games such as slots.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that although it can be trial and error finding a reliable new site, there are some great oldie-but-goodie sites for US bingo players:  Bingo Fest, Bingo Palace and Cyber Bingo are all well-established, but have fresh sites and great reputations, whilst Cyber Bingo regularly features in the top 10 of many US online bingo review sites.  This is good news ifyou’re looking for a new site to play because it not only means a popular, buzzing site with great jackpots and promotions, it also means the site has a proven track record of reliability when it comes to prompt, safe transactions.  So don’t forget to consider how reliable a new site seems in respect of cashing out of winnings, which is often considered one of the most important criteria when reviewing just how good and reliable a new online bingo portal is!

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