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Online bingo for Canadian players – more options and opportunities than you might think!

With the gentle spread of licensed new USA bingo sites, those offering bingo for Canadian players are also coming thick and fast to offer optimum gaming, prize potential, free bingo fun and all the joy of live chat in the comfort of your own home.  Of course, the game has been popular in Canada for well over a decade, with many provinces and states offering venues for community play.

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However that community factor is a little lacking in some venues, because most aren’t membership based, with many players going on a regular, professional basis which sees them purely focused on big wins, not for the fun of the game or companionship of a bingo-loving community!  This gives a very different atmosphere to the fun play, community spirit of UK and European bingo halls which is why many Canadians who love their bingo are fast turning instead to the virtual chat community spirit of the online game from home, rather than visiting traditional venues.

So what are your options and opportunities if you’re a Canadian bingo player?  Here at WebBingo we’ve got a little heads up information to help you for your eyes down moment:

Player experience options:

With many of the better websites being European based, what you need to look out for are bingo sites which allow the instant fun of browser play.  Using software such as Adobe Flash Player enables browser play which means faster, exciting games without blips and sluggish delivery which happen far too often with clunky download play.  A quick flash is the way to go for Canadian players!

Home-grown Canadian sites:

Of course, there are plenty of Canadian sites out there but, just like the USA based sites, regulation varies so you’ll want to check whether the site you’re hoping to play at is a fully registered and licensed bingo site for Canadian players.  Popular choices currently include:

  • Bingo Canada offers an absolutely free option of registering and playing games without parting with any cash at all, making it a popular choice for those investigating what online bingo has to offer through the benefit of free games.
  • Canadian Dollar Bingo was the very first game created for Canadians, with an emphasis on playing in Canadian dollars to prevent losing value of bingo funds or winning pots through low exchange rates.  Pay and play in Canadian dollars, then win in Canadian dollars – simple as!

Exciting European options:

Many of the established European brands welcome Canadian players:

  • Those ladies after our own heart over at 888 Ladies Bingo are a firm favorite for USA and Canadian players.  888LadiesBingo seem to rate consistently well in player reviews, thanks in part to their many generous player promotions.
  • CyberBingo is now firmly thought of as a European site as it has a full European license, although it did originate in the USA.  It’s a popular site considered by many to be a reputable veteran amongst bingo brands.  It offers great graphics within fast, friendly, fully supported Adobe browser play.
  • JackpotJoybingo is another UK brand which welcomes Canadian players and is incredibly popular due to its free online games, huge welcome bonuses and regular promotions.
  • Bingo Sky is another online brand popular across Europe which is also open to Canadian players.  One of its great aspects is its no deposit bingo which gives newly registered players the chance to get to know the site and games before committing their own cash to the game!  The amount varies with their promotions, from $5 to $50! Read more about free bingo no deposit here…

With such a good choice already and the fact that within web based bingo Canada has a fast developing niche of its own, Canadian players who want to be a part of the lively online bingo community are well placed for plenty of fun and games!

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