California Dreamin’

The problem Internet US players have is finding websites which are licensed for legal gaming – within certain states and jurisdictions this can be something of a nightmare!  However, if you know where to look … namely here, it’s possible to stay up to date about playing bingo online in California.

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So how is it [legally] possible?

For the keen player, it’s worth remembering that paying down your bingo booty and playing those games isn’t what’s illegal here, playing is fine so long as you are over 18.  By playing the games you’re not violating anything and it’s certainly legal for you to have real money bingo winning experiences.  It’s the actual operation of any site which promotes gambling within a prohibited area which is the illegal part – and you’re not the operator, just the user!

This is the reason why many Californian bingo sites won’t actually be operating from within California, as online gambling (including the operation of online bingo sites) is illegal at the federal level.  Many of the sites delivering online bingo for USA and Californian players will actually be operating from somewhere off-shore and well outside of the USA official jurisdiction so that they are not violating state laws.  Despite the fact that California passed a bill which legalized online poker play in 2012, operating those bingo games is still lagging behind in getting recognition and legal status.


Just like Canadian bingo players, it’s advisable to have a good broadband connection and efficient browser so that you can play via browser play.  Avoid using sites which require a download as these tend to be inefficient and won’t deliver the player experience you’re after.  The majority of licensed sites delivering bingo games to USA players perform through Adobe Flash in browsers as (with a connection of 56K or more) this really does deliver the full excitement of graphic gaming and real-time bingo play and community chat.


  • Downtown Bingo is readily available for players in California.  The site is well reviewed across the web and offers casino side games as well as bingo games.  It’s also popular for its regulation by an independent third party and the fact that there are literally no winning limits – making calfornia dreamin’ of a big win entirely possible.
  • Bingo Palace offers a California-friendly mobile bingo version which is proving popular with players.  Cell phone or mobile play itself is also a growth industry and Bingo Palace have been quick to optimize their software to enable fast paced games, friendly online communities and big win opportunities into mobile formats for gaming on the go … including across California.

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