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As we’ve been researching the very best sites to show you here at Web Bingo USA, we couldn’t help but notice that two of the main payment methods most widely acceptable by American bingo websites -both new and established- are credit and debit cards.   Of these, Mastercard and Visa are incredibly popular because these brands offer both credit and debit card versions, making them perfect for play.

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So what do you need to know about using Mastercard and Visa for online bingo?


So long as you have enough credit, it’s very easy to use your Mastercard or Visa credit card to fund your online games.  The advantages of doing this include:

  • Speedy and secure transactions.
  • You don’t actually have to pass on any bank details, just your card details.
  • You have money available to be able to make the most of one-off promotions or extra bingo money bonuses when you want them.

Are there any disadvantages?

The main disadvantages of using your Mastercard or Visa credit card are to do with your own personality and discipline.  We all know how easy it is to ‘dip into’ credit funds and it’s not down to the bingo company if, all of a sudden, you don’t have any credit left.  You do have to be self-disciplined.  Although most of us are, there may be some players who need a little extra support and thankfully most reputable bingo companies actually allow you to set limits with them (per week or per month) so that you can’t max out that credit card on bingo by accident.  This shows a really responsible attitude from the brands who offer this service, because it helps to keep the emphasis on playing online bingo for fun.


Just like credit cards, there are going to be limits on just how much you can spend using a debit card – your bank balance will see to that!  However, if you’ve allowed yourself a bit of fun money for the month and you’re spending it wisely at your favorite websites, using a debit card can really be a great way to play that doesn’t involve having to use credit.

Great ways to get the most from your fun money would include:

  • Only using your debit card to fund on days which offer deposit specials.
  • Spreading out your deposits to take advantage of other offers.  For example, with some sites, making a deposit not only brings you a bingo funds bonus, it also gives you access to a free bingo, such as a free games room for 24 hours.  So, instead of depositing your monthly $20 fun money all at once, spreading it across the weeks makes the most of extra ways to play and maximize your funds! 


Transactions are easy, you’re not having to use credit … what’s the problem?  Well, like those credit cards above, a little self-discipline is required but, as we’ve discussed, reputable bingo websites will make this easier for you, so that’s covered.  For many players this leaves only one other real disadvantage: the transactions will show up on your bank statement.  Happily though, the transactions usually show as the overall company name behind the bingo site, rather than the name of the site itself, which is preferable to many.


Another distinct advantage of Mastercard is that currently their pre-paid cards are extremely popular as gifts and prizes.  So, if you receive one of these as a gift you’ll be able to use it to enjoy some online bingo and maybe even increase the value of the gift with a win!


So finally, what about security for using your Visa and Mastercard credit or debit version?  Well those best loved sites are hot on customer satisfaction and security so they invest heavily on developing optimum software which delivers peace of mind when it comes to those financial transactions.  All registered and regulated sites use optimum software to ensure both your data and financial transactions are secure.  Reputable bingo brands such as Bingo Sky specifically use highly developed encrypted software to ensure that whatever type of credit or debit card you’re using, your information as well as your financial accounts are secure.

If you want more secure still you can always check are PayPal Bingo page here.

At the other end of the transaction, Mastercard and Visa are both trusted and well established brands in their own right which have been around 50 years, so as long as your balance is good, you can be assured that your transaction will be smooth and, along with the online technology and cashier support from reliable bingo brands, won’t inconvenience you or interrupt your playing for too long!

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