What’s behind Web Bingo USA?

Web Bingo US is all about bringing the best of online bingo sites to those who fancy a bit of bingo excitement, but without the inconvenience of having to find a friendly bricks-and-mortar bingo hall. With online bingo, all the fun’s to be had on a daily basis, from the comfort of your own armchair or even garden. Thanks to the wonder of technology, it’s now easy to have a quick coffee-break game or two in between daily tasks and errands. Mobile bingo’s also available for those off on their 9 – 5 commute, meaning that online bingo is just getting bigger and better!
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Cyber Bingo

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Bingo Fest

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Bingo Sky

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to this great little site!! Be sure to make the most out of their free bingo games offered daily! Once you hit Bingo Sky’s chat room you’ll find a great host of bingo lovers just like you aiming to help you have a great time AND make some money (; GLA!!

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The state of State-side bingo

Online bingo is huge in the UK and it’s a trend which is fast gathering momentum here in the US, with the number of USA bingo sites slowly rising. The states of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware now all allow online gambling and many other states look set to follow. However, the issue is a contentious one, and online bingo enthusiasts are currently finding themselves playing a waiting game. Congress is currently debating a bill which would effectively outlaw online gambling in the US, including in those states already allowing it, by taking the existing law, which applies largely to sports betting, a step further. However, this step is seen as being less than progressive by many senators who regard “official” online gambling as an acceptable development in social technology and as a more acceptable alternative than “blackmarket” operators. State-wide licensing and regulation could also be a means to bring revenue into their states, so some states would certainly win from allowing online bingo.

Budget Bingo and Bonus Booty

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Of course, as the legal side of the story unfolds, Web Bingo US will have all of the latest news because it’s our “thing” here at WebBingoUS to bring you all the latest about the industry, including new sites, best promotions and where all the cash prize free bingo games are running, to make the most of all those opportunities for bingo on a budget out there! We’ll let you know all about:

Free Play

Yes, all those sites which run the try-before-you-buy, no deposit bingo deals. There are plenty of USA no deposit bingo sites out there which offer free bingo with proper prize money which give you a great chance to see if you like the site, the chat and the games on offer. This way you can make informed choices about where you do want to spend your fun money!

Penny Bingo

Next up from free play is low ticket prices. We’re in the know about where to go for penny bingo games and because we love to share we can guide you to the games with low ticket prices. Of course, those big ticket games bring the bigger prizes and the juicier jackpots, but sometimes that penny play is the order of the day.

Low deposit

Finding the low deposit bingo sites can be a little tricky if you’re starting out on your online bingo explorations. Here at Web Bingo US we aim to bring you the details of the latest, greatest go-to sites which have a low minimum deposit. On many of these sites, an opening deposit of $5 or $10 is enough to access the welcome offers, bringing you those extra bingo funds ready for play. Of course, the other advantage of making a low deposit is that it also gives you access to those games for “funded players only” many of which offer slightly increased pots over those free bingo and penny bingo games.

New Bingo

Finding the new kids on the online bingo block is what we do best. Latest newcomers and their welcome offers? You’ll find all the information you need here. New bingo sites, their offers and promotions as well as games from older sites who are revamping or launching extras, such as mobile portals will all be on offer here too – so it’s always worth popping by to see what’s new, before you settle in for a night of bingo!

Mobile Bingo

And speaking of mobile bingo, whether you’re into playing bingo on your tablet or cell phone, we’ll deliver all the latest details of bingo-on-the-go so you won’t have to miss a game, wherever you are. There are so many sites now launching mobile versions that you’ll want to check for old favorites as well as newbie mobile bingo sites. Many sites offer extra incentives such as extra bonuses when you sign up for mobile play too … we put all the information into one place so that you can have it to hand anytime, and anyplace!

Social Media

Ever since it began in church halls and community centers, bingo’s always had a popular social side. That hasn’t changed of course and whichever online bingo site you enjoy, you can be sure that chat bingo games are part of their appeal. This has been even more enhanced with the popularity of social media, where sites such as Facebook are fast gaining popularity for chat and access to the social side of bingo. Facebook in the UK already has its own dedicated bingo portal and you can be sure of two things: 1) US Facebook won’t be far behind. 2) You’ll hear about it here first when it is!

Pay and Play

With the increasing development and appeal of mobile bingo, there’s been a distinct move away from credit and debit card payment methods, and a real move towards the speed, convenience and security of alternative payment services, such as PayPal and UKash, the current leading payment methods.

Each new year, something new

For several years now, the online bingo industry has continued moved from strength to strength and increased its following from gamers and bingo-enthusiasts alike. With new bingo sites 2014 looking to continue to grow, we’re the best place for a regular visit to find out what’s going on with US bingo sites.

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